How many visits can you do in one day?

Typically, we find that most cats do well with 1-2 visits a day, while most dogs do best with 2-3 visits a day. The number, and length of time, of our visits can be customized to fit the needs of your pet(s).

Do you do overnight visits?

We don't currently do overnight stays, but are happy to refer you to a pet sitter that does.

What do you do on a typical visit?

Visits include (but are not limited to): feeding per your instructions, giving fresh water, potty time/walk, giving medications, play time and cuddle time. We also will do any necessary cleaning such as scooping litter boxes and cleaning up "accidents".

We bring in mail/newspaper, water plants and take out/bring in trash & recycling bins.

Are you insured & bonded?

Yes, we are fully insured and bonded.

Will you pick up or drop off my pet?

Yes, we are happy to provide Pet Taxi service going to or from their vet appointments or the groomer. The fee is $25 per transport.

Why choose a pet sitter over a kennel?

Most pets do much better when their family is away in their own home.

It's familiar and comfortable and doesn't have the stresses they can encounter in a kennel environment such as loud noise, close quarters with unfamiliar animals and the potential for exposure to airborne illness.

We do our best to mimic your normal routine and schedule and keep them happy and content.

This is our full-time job and allows us to devote the time and attention to your pets that they deserve.

We can you give you, and your pet, peace of mind that they are receiving quality care from a trusted professional who truly cares about their welfare.